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Manage Your Website & Increase Bookings
Whether you are a multi-park operator or a family owned campground, our tools empower your team to maximize success online.
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Build And Manage Your Own Website
Your team cares about the success of your campground more than anyone. A website is the most critical digital asset that your campground has - why outsource it to someone else? Our website builder provides the tools you need to manage your online presence without an agency. From the technically illiterate to advanced users, anyone can use our system to build a beautiful, enterprise-grade campground website.
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Enable Customers To Reserve Online
Accepting online reservations is one of the best decisions your campground can make - it decreases operational load while maximizing your revenue potential. Once you have a reservation system it is important for the booking process to be direct and seamless for customers. Our products automatically integrate with Park free and Campspot paid giving you a branded, embedded booking integration at the push of a button.
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Enterprise Solutions For Competitive Destinations And Multi-Park Groups
Our path in the website business started by attempting to scale a WordPress template across several resorts, which resulted in many points of failure. Speed and performance became a massive issue during peak season, which impacted our website availability and hurt our SEO potential. In addition, the operational management of these websites was time consuming, error prone and overall frustrating. It became obvious that a proprietary, campground focused, website management system was the only way we would achieve the exceptional results we required. Today, we proudly offer our battle-tested multi park website management console with customizations
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Low Risk, High Reward Website Solution For Family Run Campgrounds
The White Pine Digital team has worked with campgrounds for over 10 years. We have seen what makes campgrounds succeed and what holds them back. Technology has moved so quickly that it has left many campgrounds with outdated solutions - especially Ma and Pop businesses, the backbone of the camping industry. Our goal is to take the vast, advanced technology we have developed for the top camp resorts in the country and make it easily accessible for all campgrounds. Through thousands of hours of engineering and design, battle tested by millions of campers, we are excited to offer self-signup, affordable solutions which equip campgrounds of all sizes with the best camping technology in the world.
Sign up today and explore the White Pine Console for free. You can experiment and build out your entire website without paying a dime. If you decide our system will enhance your operations, enroll for LIMITED TIME OFFER $149 $79/month with no long term contracts.
Pricing & Features
$149 $79/mo
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$249 $199/mo
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Website management console
An efficient, powerful website management console designed for campgrounds
Easy-to-manage campground data pages
Add-Ons, Attractions, Map, Deals, Events & Activities, Facilities, Places To Go, Rules & Policies, Ways To Stay
Unlimited custom pages
Create custom pages using a rich text editor that supports formatting, embed codes, images and more
Customizable page details
Configure the header image, title, description and path for every page
Configurable navigation
Adjust website navigation to make important pages and links easily accessible for customers
Brandable theme: colors, font, logo
Apply your brand to every aspect of the website via a single set of configurations
Simple campground details management
Easily manage identifying information about your campground like address, name, contact, social links...
Media library
Manage all of your campground images in a central location and use anywhere on your website
Automatic image optimization
Every image uploaded is automatically optimized to ensure premium SEO results and fast page speed
Advanced image editor
Access an advanced image editor to crop, filter, decorate and improve images
Unlimited state-of-the-art hosting
Enterprise-grade sever infrastructure built to handle millions of users with ease
Highly available, ultra fast user experience
Webpages that are architected inside and out to deliver the fastest page speed to all customers
SEO optimized website
Ultra lightweight webpages with optimized assets that deliver exceptional Core Web Vitals grades
Google Analytics and Tag Manager support
Connect your GA4 and GTM accounts to collect metrics and manage tags on every page
Frictionless updates and publishing
Publish unlimited, immediate updates to your website with the click of a button
Mobile optimized design
Every webpage is designed to look and function exceptionally on mobile devices
Mobile website management
Upload images and manage your website from anywhere, on any device
Enhanced footer with gallery
Enable a more engaging footer that includes a gallery of photos
Publish unlimited blog posts
Add blog posts to broaden SEO keywords and provide more content to guests
Launch on your domain
Publish your website to your own custom website address
Apply proprietary fonts
Apply purchased fonts or brand fonts outside of the default options
Homepage landing video
Engage customers with a landing video optimized using advanced streaming technology
Newsletter integration
Send customer emails to a CRM via a newsletter signup on every page
Customize social previews and metadata
Edit open graph metadata on every page to fine tune search result and social previews
Quarterly expert analysis
Receive quarterly reports on how to strengthen your online presence and competitive edge
Dedicated support
Direct contact to our team with prioritized action on requests
Customized template and features
Customize website design and features to fit your exact organizational needs
Centralized multi-site admin console
Manage all properties with consistency via a single admin console for your organization
Custom Website Design & Development
We offer customized website templates and integrations to meet the exact needs of your organization. Pricing varies based on requirements.
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About White Pine Digital
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Today, effective marketing must be paired with advanced engineering and analytics. The modern world is dependent on technology and customers are immersed in the digital ecosystem. Camping provides an amazing opportunity for families to detach from the internet and connect with each other through real life experiences - but it starts with encountering a camp resort online. We love this industry; we want camping to remain relevant and awesome for many decades to come. Let White Pine Digital amplify your campground marketing, website design, and customer engagement to match the excellence of your resort. Reach out and let's get started today!
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