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Empowering campgrounds with modern marketing and engineering.
Empowering campgrounds with
 modern marketing and engineering.
Building products to enhance operations and increase customer engagement - leading to
more bookings and happier campers.
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Capture customers using technology. Enable experiences of a lifetime.
Modern discovery is done through digital devices. People explore the virtual world to gather insights on what their experiences should be in real life. A campground owner should not expect to keep up on every new trend and popular app of the day. Rather, focus on what you are great at: producing real life experiences that families love. Let our products handle the digital unknown, keeping your business relevant for generations to come.
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Outrank competing destinations with the most advanced SEO technology available.
Search rank is how your property gets found. Only 6% of people navigate to the second page of search results, making it critical that your website lands on that first page. Our solutions are engineered specifically for SEO, utilizing custom software and state-of-the-art infrastructure to ensure your content surfaces to all travelers. Sign up and use our products independently or reach out to our team to develop a plan for your organization.
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Utilize modern channels and strategies for maximum engagement.
The landscape for advertising and influence has evolved at an unprecedented rate. For some this presents an intimidating challenge of how to remain relevant in a rapidly changing world. This is exactly why White Pine Digital was formed; to ensure technology is never the limiting factor in a business's success. Let us enhance your digital presence so that your property is as excellent online as it is in real life.
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Cutting edge solutions that power digitally unmatched destinations
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Today, effective marketing must be paired with advanced engineering and analytics. The modern world is dependent on technology and customers are immersed in the digital ecosystem. Camping provides an amazing opportunity for families to detach from the internet and connect with each other through real life experiences - but it starts with encountering a camp resort online. We love this industry; we want camping to remain relevant and awesome for many decades to come. Let White Pine Digital amplify your campground marketing, website design, and customer engagement to match the excellence of your resort. Reach out and let's get started today!
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